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Welcome CompuQuilter Owners!

We at IntelliQuilter believe that providing efficient customer support is the most important part of our business. This is why we felt compelled to do something for those computerized quilters who have lost customer support when CompuQuilter was forced by unexpected events to close business.

Up to a point, every computerized system owner faces the same issues: effects of fabric draw, finding optimum speed for a given pattern, finding patterns that suit the quilts, the optimal order of quilting different areas of the quilt, how the pattern digitizing methods affect stitch-outs, just to mention a few.

We have a vast online depository of generic material supporting computerized quilting: written articles and over 150 instructional and demo videos. We would like to make these available to CompuQuilter owners.

In addition to the generic information, we hope that we can gain more knowledge from those former CQ owners who switched to iQ. The iQ has the same basic technical approach as the CQ, both systems use stepper motors, they connect to the quilting machines the same way, without intrusion in the machine's own electronics and mechanical system, and the laws of physics affect both systems the same way. We believe that our experience in the technology will enable us to help you in technical issues.

Finally, many of those customers who switched to iQ offered their direct personal help in solving CQ-specific problems. Our new CompuQuilter Support uses the same highly organized online ticket system that was proven to be a powerful tool in the high-level support of iQ owners. We hope it will work for CQ owners the same way.

Please start using our CompuQuilter Support page, and we will try to answer your CompuQuilter related questions.

CompuQuilter Support

The traded-in parts from those who switched to iQ become our CQ part inventory. If you need replacement cable, belt, motor or control board, just check out our CompuQuilter Parts page.

CompuQuilter Parts

Finally, we have an offer for those who have been thinking of switching to IntelliQuilter, to enjoy the benefits of the most sophisticated hardware and software system and its high-level customer support, but the relatively high cost of the switch prevented them from making the leap.

We now offer $2,500 trade-in discount for operational CompuQuilter parts to those who upgrade their CompuQuilter to an IntelliQuilter.

You have 2 options to choose from
IntelliQuilter ClassiQ and ClassiQ LT.

Of course, your new IntelliQuilter will be able to read all known CompuQuilter formats, so you will not lose your investment in building your pattern libraries.

You need order the iQ system directly from IntelliQuilter, LLC. We will send installers who are proficient in both removing the CQ system without damage to the parts and installing the iQ, and providing demonstration and initial training.

Order an iQ