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Fantastic looks for your quilting machine. It's Quiltastick!


More and more pattern vendors are carrying our pattern format. On this page you can find links to their websites and links to those who offer patterns in the universal DXF format, which is automatically converted while loading into the IntelliQuilter computer.

This page is updated frequently, so come back often.

Georgette Dell'Orco
Judith Kraker
Kim Diamond
Vickie Malaski
Tammy Finkler
Christy Dillon
Christ R. Dillon Myers
Pam Clarks
Marie Tallmans
TJ Speiser
Timeless Quilting
Beany Girl Quilts
Gali Design
Creative Sisters
Debra Geissler
Donna Kleinke
Ellen Munnich
& many new designers
Jessica Schick
Judy Allen
Sue Schmieden
Pam Clarke
Karen McTavish
Kim Brunner
Miki Miller
Diane Kula
Shannon M. Hicks
Karen Farnsworth
Anne Bright
Loes & Theo van der Heijden
Nancy Read
Todd Brown
Anita Shackelford
Judy Lyon
Darlene Epp
Karen McTavish
Linda McCuean
Linda Thielfoldt
Helen Squire
Judy Irish
and more...
Hermione Agee
Crystal Smythe
Dawna Sanders
Apricot Moon
Karen Thompson
Karlee Porter
Lorien Quilting by Hermione Agee
Sally Terry

Plus 42 More!
JoAnn Hoffman
Marilyn Badger
Myrna Ficken
JaneAnn Houser
Cheryl Uribe
Nancy Haacke
Darlene Epp
Keryn Emmerson
Meredith England
Laurie Thomas


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