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Another great innovation in computerized quilting from the people that brought you IntelliStitch and EdgeRider Wheels

IntelliQuilter is the new standard in computerized quilting.

After-market add-on to your existing machine. Fits most makes and models!

NEW: How To Use Your iQ 2020 by Helen Baczynski

And now, the best computerized system has become even more affordable!
Fun with BasiQ
Introducing BasiQ
the low-cost version of the IntelliQuilter.
A smaller computer and remanufactured motors make the system cost less without compromising performance.

Compare the features of the
BasiQ and ClassiQ systems

Order The StiQ Today

Introducing The StiQ, the Windows compatible stand-alone version of the IntelliQuilter software.
Order yours today.

IntelliQuilter Highlights:

  • computer mounted on the machine, at your fingertips
  • touch screen control
  • driver motors engage/disengage automatically
  • easy to use, menu driven system
  • help on every screen
  • integrated graphic editing, including copy, repeat, combine, rotate, scale
  • automatic pattern fitting in blocks, including sizing rotation and flipping
  • automatic pantograph editing, including offset, interlocking, flipping and clipping at borders
  • recording function to capture hand-quilted patterns
  • paper pattern digitizing
  • "stitch in the ditch" support
  • whole quilt composition and saving
  • pattern download via USB drive
  • compatible with all models and makes


Available for:

  • A-1 Quilting Machines
    • A-1 Elite w. StitchRite
    • A-1 Platinum
  • American Professional Quilting Systems (APQS)
    • MY19 Machines
    • Ultimate-I
    • Ultimate-II
    • Discovery
    • Freedom ("Freddie")
    • Liberty
    • Millennium ("Millie") 26"/30"
    • Lenni
    • Lucey
    • Standard, Bliss-Ready or Bliss Table
  • Bernina
    • Q-20
    • Q-24
  • Gammill Quilting Systems
    • Premier
    • Classic
    • Optimum
    • Premier Plus
    • Classic Plus
    • Optimum Plus
    • Vision-1/2 All Sizes on Standard or Breeze Table
  • HandiQuilter
    • HQ Sixteen
    • Avant´┐Ż
    • Fusion
  • Innova
    • 18" to 26" Machines
    • Standard or Lightning Stitch Regulator
  • Kenquilt
    • Royal
    • Empress
    • Princess
    • Prince
    • Dutchess
  • Nolting
    • 18" ,with or without stitch regulator
    • 24" ,with or without stitch regulator
    • 30" ,with or without stitch regulator
    • Fun Quilter All Sizes on Steel Table
    • Nolting NV
  • Prodigy
  • Proto