IntelliQuilter Reviews

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The IntelliQuilter made it possible to take my mediocre artistic ability to a much higher level than I had hoped for. The design capabilities are endless!! Worth every cent of the pricetag!

I love that IQ is intuitive to use. The buttons make sense. The flow of setting up the quilt and rolling and realigning is simple and easy. I also like that is is offline and I don't have to worry about windows updates. The Linux system is very reliable.

This system is very easy to use and learn. I was quilting for customers on my 3rd quilt!

I love my IntelliQuilter system. It is easy to use and produces beautiful results on every quilt.

Best money I ever spent on quilting.


Going from IQ mode to Manual mode is so simple. Have tablet on docking station to be with me all the time while quilting. Compact tablet so can travel with me.

I LOVE my Intelliquilter systems and wouldn't use any other system!

I have had the Intelliquilter system for 15 years. In that time, I've quilted over 4,500 quilts, with the IQ system working flawlessly. Before I added the IQ system, I did all my quilts hand-guided... I would have quit longarm quilting years ago if I had to do them all that way- it's very physically demanding. So happy I added the IQ to my machine in 2009... I love everything about it.

I am so happy I chose the Intelliquilter Classic iQ System! So easy to use and all my customers are thrilled with what I'm able to do.

I LOVE my IQ. It is so much more easier to use and have installed than any other system. It is a common sense and practical system that anyone can learn to use and enjoy, creating the most beautiful quilts without the frustration of a difficult learning curve.

I purchased my IQ system, it arrived quickly. My husband and I installed it in an afternoon. Most wonderful purchase! Angela Huffman was the dealer we were miles apart but she has been wonderful to work with. I have had zero problems but I know if I do customer service will be there for me!

I love the Intelliquilter system. I like the fact that it can be used on many different brands of longarming. I like that they offer different software packages that can be upgraded at any time. I love the fact that it does not weigh my machine down very much when I want to freehand or stitch in the ditch manually. I just wish I could have purchased it sooner.

An extremely versatile and reliable computer-drive longarm system with real people there to help if need be.

Intelliquilter is an intuitive computer system for a longarm. It stitches out patterns with remarkable precision...I had little trouble learning how to ask iQ to do what I would like to do. I have even designed a few simple patterns using iQ.

I love my IQ, great investment for my quilting business!

Intelliquilter ROCKS! You won't find a better computerized quilter and design tool on the market. This machine can do anything you tell it to.

This is the best robotic quilting system on the market. The intuitive interface is excellent, the stitch quality is outstanding and the ability to quilt intricate designs is amazing. HIghly recommend.

I love my IQ! I was finding pantos very hard on my back and IQ makes them (almost) effortless! It's also great for custom work. It's very intuitive to use, and so easy to switch from IQ to manual and back, just a press of a button!

I could not run my small home based business without IQ. It allows me to achieve a perfect finish for my customers every time.

At three quarters of a century old, l just might be able to finish all those UFO's and want to make quilts. Wouldn't be possible without Intelliquilter.

IQ has made my turn around time for customer quilts much faster. I can get more quilts finished in less time, precisely, and that means more income for me.

Great program! Customer service is phenomenal. I would purchase IQ again.

I have only used IntelliQuilter for my long arm quilting business. It gives me the control to always have a good outcome with edge to edge and custom quilting projects.

Reliable; simple to use; totally intuitive; the customer service, attention to details and warranty and ongoing improvements/upgrades have been exceptional.

I tested other computer guided quilting systems before deciding to purchase IQ. By far, IQ is the most user-friendly, intuitive, and feature-loaded system on the market. I use IQ on a daily basis in my longarm business. It is a workhorse of a system. IQ user support is wonderful as well.

IQ is a wonderful quilting system that will help you whether you are a hobbyist or professional long arm quilter. Resources are available to answer questions and troubleshoot should the need arise. You won't regret this decision.

I have been a long-arm quilter for almost twenty years. I have two computerized machines, one of which is a Nolting Pro-30 with ClassIQ. It is an absolute workhorse and I do nearly all of my e2e work with it. It runs 5-6 days a week and has more than paid for itself. I would recommend IQ without any reservations to anyone looking to establish a quilt business.

I have a longarm business. This system has made my work fun!

IQ is hands down the most user friendly and uncomplicated system to add to a longarm machine.

My IntelliQuilter allows me to give away to family and friends beautifully finished quilts. The purchased patterns are lovely, but I have the most fun creating many of my own designs just using the geometric catalog. Most of the time I don't know what I don't know, but I'm learning. Opportunities are vast for creating and using all the features of the program. I highly recommend the IQ system to other quilters who are looking for a computerized system.

I am so happy with my IQ! It is very user friendly even for someone who is not very techy!! If you have a question the answer is right there on your tablet. Also there is so much support on the Intelliquilter site.

I do community service quilts for our quilt guild and the IQ , makes this quick and fun.

Intelliquilter has been a God-send for me. I have longarm quilted for many years, but my back and shoulders were wearing out because I quilt almost daily. I didn't want computerized designs because it's the creativity that I love. A friend told me about her system and I began researching. No one I read about had a bad review! All the info from the company was very good and I was sold. Since purchasing my system almost 3 years ago I have quilted hundreds of quilts. The system has an easy learning curve and then I was off and going. So many design capabilities, but you don't have to be a designer to learn it. There are many people online teaching about the system and everything you can do with it. My customers are very happy with the designs I put together for their quilts. I'm not sure I could have continued to quilt as much were it not for IQ!

IntelliQuilter has a remarkable team of instructors willing to help answer questions via Facebook or videos on the support site.

There is not a better computerized quilting system on the market. Period.

Super fast, reliable computerized quilting system! Absolutely the best!

Easier to use than other computer systems. Not a Windows program, my IQ is almost 14 years old (T400) and going strong. The only repair I made was replacing a wheel that delaminated and the new wheel was free.

IQ is the perfect quilting tool for digital quilting. For me it rivals all the other fancy digital programs. Best of all it takes up minimal space. No cables/ tracks to disconnect with a simple tablet that attaches to the front of the machine. No oversized monitor set off to the side of the frame. IQ is perfect for all your needs.

Love the flexibility, creativity, continual upgrades, and support of the IQ system. Once you join this company, you are forever a family member.

Has always stood behind their product. Offered continued support and updates at no additional cost to the owner

Super intuitive system that makes computerised quilting just so easy.

Love my IQ, who system is well thought out and updates easy to install. Being able to lift or engage the motors by a touch of a button is great. Having the IQ attached to my machine head is ideal if I have to realign. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for robotic computer system.

It is a very simple system to learn to run my business. I've been successfully running it for 17 years now.

Intelliquilter is the easiest robotic system to use I have ever seen. I have reviewed many others. I am an electrician and studied engineering so I appreciate quality equipment. Their customer service is outstanding!!

Intelliquilter gives you clear step by step instructions.

The IQ system has saved my arms, neck, shoulders and back. It allows me to create beautiful designs - both pantograph and custom. It is a true workhorse - and when I've needed repairs, the response from the company has been fantastic. Even when I didn't really understand the problem - they did!

I bought my first long arm in 2003. I am still in business in 2023 because I have IQ. And I am not done yet! I love the quilting part of the quilt making process. IQ has allowed me to finish thousands of quilts for people that I didn't have to piece myself! They are all different, all get different designs and treatments, and there are new digital designs out there to keep the process interesting. It has saved me wear and tear on my body while always giving perfect, professional results. I have worked with IQ since 2012 and it is amazingly reliable for the amount of work it does. I added a second machine to my business and a second IQ became available in 2022 that I added as well. It is hard to put into words how much joy, fulfillment and satisfaction quilting with IQ has brought to my life.

INTELLIQUILTER is the best system out there. I had Compuquilter before and it is so much easier to run. I love it.

A great product that is well supported.

Stable, accessable, kind & considerate, add knowlegable. I've had the system for over 6 years the only problem I've had was the switch slider button & they had it shipped to them and returned it 3 days later, repaired and I think that is awesome service.

Love my Intelliquilter! Easy to use and I can turn out customer and charity quilts really fast without so much strain on my body and give me more time for my quilts! SJ I love using Intelliquilter! It allows me to do anything I can imagine to existing patterns or in designing my own patterns.

I enjoy using the IQ due to the point and click mentality of the software. There are always instructions on the screen to guide you to the next step.

I love using Intelliquilter because it makes me look like a hero. I do mostly edge to edge. Because of COVID I was not able to get classes, so learned online and a book I bought. Tracey Browning has provided me with understanding on her IQ Summit. I have a long way to go, but my customers are very happy.

After installation (and the next morning), I dove right into figuring out the system. I relied on the tutorials found on the website which helped me quite a bit. I still have a lot to learn and will keep learning something every time I face a challenge.

Great community of supportive and helpful users.

I have driven multiple systems; each has their pluses and minuses. IntelliQuilter has more pluses than other systems, outstanding customer service, great community willing to share guidance and information, fantastic training videos. This is what you need and want when considering a software purchase. As an APQS owner, it was an easy decision to go with IntelliQuilter.

There are so many pattern opportunities!

I compared IntelliQuilter to several other computer systems, including one sold specifically for my longarm and found that the IQ was far superior to the other brands. I'm quite happy with IQ and recommend it highly!

This is a fantastic system. Very user friendly.