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Baptist Fan

IQ Booster #2

This one's a bit simpler. As always, start at the main menu page.

Design/sew quilt.
Start new.
Enter rectangle manually.
45" x 60"
select Baptist Fan - continue
Put your stylus or finger on the image of the fan and sweep it across the screen - see how the number of arcs changes?
What's the highest number of arcs? And the lowest?
Lift your stylus when you have a baptist fan you like. (by the way, you can also change the number of arcs by entering a number on the key pad)
Row Gap. Sweep the screen with your stylus or use the downward facing arrow to close the gap between the rows.
Flip X the odd rows (the flip button under row gap)
Offset. minus 50% (blue button under the image)

Ta Da! - a different baptist fan that looks a bit like rolling waves.

Now let's go further.
Flip Y the odd rows
Row Gap. Tap the upward facing arrow repeatedly until the rows no longer overlap. Tap slowly.
Offset. 0%
Shift. Tap the up arrow until the rows touch. (there will be a big gap between every second row)

Ta Da! Could this be an interesting border design?