Combining Background Fill and Echo

You can combine echoing and background fills with IQ:

First create the Echo Quilting for your applique shape.

Then set up the pantograph fill you want to use, using the usual procedure for doing a panto. Make your row height small.

Add a no-sew zone Background Fill, and select all of the patterns except that outer contour line. (all patterns red except the outer contour, which should be blue)

In the next screen, select Create Pattern Contour. It'll add another echo line, which will be created as a block (not a pattern that can be sewn). Set the gap to zero, unless you want to add another echo line or leave a little space around the background fill and the echo. This might be good for accommodating fabric shrinkage. In the next screen (Modify Block), you can make adjustments if necessary.

Touch Finished when you're done, and IQ will create the no-sew zone for your applique.

You now have one design that incorporates both echo lines and background fill.