Create a Line of Continuous Circles

This method will give you a perfect row of circles. It uses a double half-circle design, from the Geometric catalog. Using this creates circles that meet perfectly, rather than using a single half-circle that would require IQ to bounce in & out of the joints. Bouncing in & out of joints rarely works out just right - crossing your designs is a much cleaner way to achieve the perfect alignment.

  1. Go into the Line Pattern designer
  2. Touch Pattern
  3. In the Pattern Selector, go into the Geometric catalog and choose half circle 2. Touch Continue.
  4. Back in the Line Pattern screen, sample your first point, typically along the seam line of the sashing (or border). You'll see that the pattern dips across the seam line. If this isn't what you intended, use the vertical shift (or horizontal shift if your sashing is vertical) to scoot the pattern into the sashing space. You should also adjust the pattern height to go with the space you're filling.
  5. Once you get everything adjusted to your liking, continue sampling points all the way across the sashing, creating a continuous S-curve.
  6. At the end of the sashing, sample points again back the way you came, but flip your pattern over so it will create circles. Use the pattern on the screen to properly align the crossings of the patterns so that perfect circles are created.