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Creating Basket Weave Pattern

IQ Booster #16

This booster will teach you how to use what was loaded on your IQ when you got it to create a basket weave fill pattern. You'll end up with a one-pattern repeat that can be used as a pantograph to fill in background areas.

  1. Start a new block (Design/Sew Quilt > Start new > Add/edit block > new block > standard block (I used a 2" x 2" block)
  2. Add a straight line to the block (add/edit pattern > new pattern > use current block > select Line from the Geometric catalog)
  3. Move the straight horizontal line to the top of the block
  4. Add/Edit Pattern > Repeat Pattern
  5. Make the Y repeats distance 0.25" and change the number of repeats to fill the block
  6. Finished
  7. Add/Edit Pattern > Combine Patterns
  8. Combine all the patterns, starting with the topmost horizontal line, and swap start/end points for every other pattern so that IQ will stitch left to right, drop down to the next line and stitch right to left, and then drop down and stitch left to right, and so on until they're all combined. Use Continuous Stitching to transition between the lines. The design should end at the bottom right corner of the block.
  9. Add/Edit Pattern > Copy Pattern
  10. Copy the basket weave
  11. Modify Pattern > rotate the basket weave 90-degrees so that it is vertical. Move it so that it is 0.25" away on the right side of the horizontal pattern.
  12. Combine Patterns > select the horizontal design, then the vertical one, choosing Continuous as the transition type
  13. Add/Edit Pattern > add pattern > use current block

    • Add the line from the geometric catalog, and attach it to the upper right corner of the vertical half of the pattern. This will be the connector between pattern repeats.
  14. Add/Edit Pattern > Smooth Pattern
    • Select the basket weave design as the pattern to be smoothed
    • Set the smoothing to 20%
    • Touch Smooth
    • Finished
  15. Save your pattern and you can use it as a pantograph or a repeating pattern via Repeat Patterns.