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Creating a Circle with Rays

Let's create a circle with rays CB86 No splitting and combining - by Shirley Higginbotham

  1. Design/Sew Quilt; Start New; Add Block (make this block larger than your actual quilt block.
  2. Enter Rectangle Manually; I used 15" x 15"; Continue; Finished; Finished
  3. Add/Edit Pattern; Add Pattern; Block Pattern; Use Current Block
  4. Select Computer Art Patterns; Select Fancy Star; Continue;
  5. Set Depth to 0 using the keypad and Enter
  6. Set Number of Points to the number of rays you want to see in your block; I used 14;
  7. Finished; Finished; (these rays will backtrack perfectly with no editing or splitting needed)
  8. Add Pattern; Block Pattern; Use Current Block; Geometric Catalog; select circle pattern
  9. Scale the circle to the size you want; Finished; Finished
  10. Add/Edit Block; Add Block; No-Sew Zone; Select All; Deselect the circle by touching one of its points; Continue;
  11. Create Pattern Contour; Select the circle by touching one of its points; Continue;
  12. Set Tightness 100%; Gap 0; Smooth High; Points Rounded; Accept; Finished; Finished
  13. Set Clipping Confirmation to Continuous; Accept; Yes
  14. Add Block; Clipping Block; Select All; Continue; Enter Rectangle Manually (at the quilt you will want to use mark on quilt)
  15. For this exercise I used 11.5" x 11.5"; Continue; Finished; Accept continuous clipping confirmation; Yes; Finished;
  16. Add/Edit Pattern; Delete Pattern to remove the circle (you may have to touch it several times until you see only the red circle appear -- the rays with continuous lines between them will remain to create a circle); Continue; Yes, you are sure; Finished
  17. If you want the outside of the block to stitch, Add/Edit Block; Convert to Pattern; Select the block; Continue; Finished; Finished - Otherwise, go on to step 17.
  18. Sew Quilt; Select the pattern; Continue; Preview