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IQ Booster #5

By: Shirley Higginbotham

CROSSHATCHING (Hanging Diamonds to come later)

Design/Sew Quilt

Start New


Enter Rectangle Manually (I am using width of 48 and height of 24 for testing)


Down Arrow to Geometric Catalog

Angle; Continue; Angle; Continue

Row Height; Calculator; 1 & Enter

Flip Y

Wow, looks good, but we're not finished!

Clip Off

Skew; Right Arrow 6 times; now Left Arrow 1 time to achieve maximum results. (you will find the arrows in the light blue area of the screen on the right side) Skew now = 1.3%

Row Gap; Down Arrow 3 times (This creates an overlap which gives excellent stitch alignment.) Row Gap now = -0.03


Transition Type; + until Transition Type = Jumpstitch. (Since we used Clip Off and skew we have 0 jumpstitches.)

Accept; Yes

Let's sew it out:

Sew Quilt

Zoom Off; Zoom In; Touch screen 2 times to enlarge the pattern for selecting rows.

Pan; Drag quilt to position on the screen you like to see for selecting rows

Zoom On to turn off zoom

Touch first row; Continue

Touch 2nd row; Continue; Stop To Cut Threads

Touch 3rd row; Continue; Stop To Cut Threads

Continue previous row until you have selected the entire quilt.

This stitching sequence will stitch each row from left to right which gives the best stitch alignment. I tried many options and stitched each to determine best results. 50% offset in lieu of flipping Y did not line up as well when stitched. Swapping start/end points to sew a row left to right then right to left was much faster and less labor intensive to stitch out, however, stitching did not line up as well. This might be an option for me if I am not overly concerned about alignment on a utility quilt.


Thanks to Diane and Jenny who started this thread on the list.