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System Stays In Demo Mode While Tablet Is Docked

Follow these steps to find the cause of the system staying in Demo Mode:

  • STEP #1:

    Go to Utilities->Configuration->Interface Setup/Test and start Communication Test

    If the INTERFACE shows an error, remove the green 2-position connector of the motor communication cable from the interface board at the back of the docking station, pulling it off the board as the arrow shows.

    If the INTERFACE still shows an error, remove and re-dock the tablet while the power is on.

    If the error remains, post a report on the Support Page

    Put back the 2-position connector.

    If your junction box looks like the one in the picture, with wire ties holding the cables, post a report on the Support Page, then continue testing.

    If the INTERFACE is O.K., but both motors show Err(1), continue with Step #3.

    If only one of the motors shows an error, remove the cover from the motor and push down the communication cable connector

    Follow the cable from the motor to the junction box and inspect it for damage, kinks, breaks.

    Jog the cable and see if it causes change in the error message.

    If you find any problem, post a report on the Support Page

  • STEP #2:

    Check the green light on the motor power supply.

    If the light is not on, make sure that the power cord of the power supply is plugged in an active 110-220V outlet.

    If the cord is plugged in, but the light does not come on, post a report on the Support Page

  • STEP #3:

    Check the power light on the motors.

    On standard and BasiQ motors the light is at the bottom of the drive motor. Use a mirror to see if it is on.

    On SuperMotors the power light is the rightmost orange light. The drive motor power is indicated by a blue light.

    If the light is off on both motors, UNPLUG THE MOTOR POWER SUPPLY and check the following:

    Look for a break or looseness where the cable meets the large embedded component. If you feel looseness, post a report on the Support Page

    Let us know through the Support Page if you don't have the depicted plastic terminal cover.

    Remove the cover from the screw terminal and inspect the wire connections for firm contact. The wires should be held by the square washer as the picture shows and the screws should hold them tightly. Tighten any loose screw.

    Replace the cover.

    Remove the screws that hold the junction box to the carriage. Pop out the lid from the back of the box. If you see an unplugged connector, plug it back and push in all the other connectors.

    If you see broken wires, damaged connectors or damaged connector board, post a report on the Support Page

    Plug back the motor power supply cord and repeat the tests from Step #1.

If the above steps did not help in finding the cause of the persistent Demo Mode, please save the logs (System->Copy Logs to USB) and post the "logs.tar.gz" file from your USB on the Support Page
Enter the results of the above steps in the Description of Problem window.