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From WikIQ

This booster will help you understand distort, one of the new features added with the 05.11.12 software update. As usual, the booster lists the buttons to select and actions to take starting at the main menu.

Design/sew quilt > start new > add block > load from block catalog

Select the trapezoid. Continue.

Finished > finished > add/edit pattern > add pattern > block pattern > use current block

Scroll down to the QOV catalog and select qov6


Notice how the pattern is still a square shape within the trapezoid. We want it to fill the trapezoid block.

Touch the double arrow button under the ?


You'll see a green box has appeared around the pattern.

Grab the lower right corner of that green square and move it until it's close to the lower right corner of the block.

Grab the lower left corner of the distort square and move that out to the left.

Grab the upper right corner of the distort square and move it until the corner of the pattern fits within the block. Do the same for the upper left.

You've now made the pattern fit the block perfectly. Touch finished when you're happy with the modifications.