Fan Pattern Play

IQ Booster #3

Design/sew quilt
Start new
Block pattern
Enter rectangle manually.
width 10' - height 10" - continue
Patterns by Helen catalog - Betty Flower. (if you've sorted this into a different catalog, go and find it)
Scale - 50% (use the keypad to enter this) - finished Add pattern
Fan pattern
Do what it says - continue.
repeats - 8
angle -

Now touch the start/end point(the pivot point) with your stylus and drag it to the left. When you lift the stylus off the screen, you'll see the full image.

Ta Da!

This will give you one of the pictures I posted in the photos file at the Yahoo forum when we first got fan pattern................but wait, it's not quite right.
Move the pivot point a little downwards. Now there's one more thing to do because the star in the center isn't finished.
To complete it, you either need to add a straight line, or add another repeat and split off the last flower, which is right on top of the first flower.
For just playing, it doesn't matter that there are two flowers on top of each other, but if you were to stitch this out, you wouldn't want one flower double stitched.

Further play - drag the pivot point around the screen.
Change the angle by touching that button then tapping the plus or minus sign.
Change the number of repeats.