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Field of Flowers Panto

IQ Booster #4

This one doesn't use any of the new features. It's simple and shows
you the magic of a pattern that comes with IQ but that you may have
overlooked, not realizing what a pretty pattern it is.

design/sew quilt
start new
enter rectangle manually
width - 60", height 60" - continue
search - enter 'field of flowers'
select field of flowers - continue - select it again - continue.
offset - 50% (touch the blue button under the image, doesn't matter
if it's plus or minus)
row gap - tap the downward facing blue arrow until the gap closes up

and there's the magic - Ta Da!

(now for some more magic)

touch the back button
patterns by helen
select pattern LE - continue - select it again - continue
flip Y (doesn't matter which flip Y) (and there's one interesting pattern)
offset 50% (and another interesting pattern)
shift - tap the downward facing blue arrow until the gap between the
rows is roughly equal.
row height - change this to 6" using the keypad
row gap - tap the downward facing arrow - keep tapping until the rows
overlap, (and there's another interesting pattern)

There are lots of hidden patterns out there - try playing with some
more basic pantos, overlapping, offsetting, flipping. You'll find
that often one simple, pattern can make lots more.

Don't forget to take the tablet off the docking station each day and
archive often.