Filling an interior space of a pattern

To fill an interior space of a pattern, start at the main menu,
touch these buttons and follow the instructions.
You can do this in demo mode.

Design/sew quilt
Start new
Block pattern
Enter rectangle manually
Width 10", height 10" - Continue.
Search - enter Betty Flower - select Betty flower4 - Continue.
Add/edit block
Add block
Standard block
Create pattern contour
(Touch the pattern) Continue
Accept - it will take a little while for IQ to create this contour so
be patient and watch the % increase.
Touch Gap and change it to .50 - see the interior shape contour now?
Touch Gap again and make it .10. Again, it will take IQ a few
seconds to complete this change.
You can create a contour of any space - touch the circles one at a
time or the petals. When you want to keep a contour, touch accept.
When you've finished creating all the contours you want, touch Finished.
Add/edit pattern
Add pattern
Select block
(touch the block that outlines the large interior space of the
pattern) Continue.
Now choose a filler pattern - it could be stipple, crosshatch or
whatever you want.
IQ will place the pattern but you'll see that it is way too big for
that space so touch Row height and change it to 1"

Ta Da! You've filled the space with a pattern without having to
trace the interior shape.

As a bonus, if you like the shape of this block, you can save it in
your block catalogs to use in a future quilt. You may want to use it
as stand alone block, or you could go further and convert it into a
Look at your patterns in a different way and you'll see the
possibility of creating new patterns from the contours of different
parts of other patterns.