Patterns by Helen Meander Cleanup

In this one you'll be doing a bit of recorded pattern clean up. Some of you may have already modified this pattern but for those of you who haven't, please follow these steps as they clean up one of my recorded patterns eliminating a tiny hesitation. (Lillian, you don't need to do this!)

As always start at the main menu and follow this list of buttons.
design/sew quilt.
start new.
block pattern.
enter rectangle manually.
width 10" - height 10" - continue.
type in m2 (must be lower case m) enter
select m2 - continue
split pattern
zoom off - zoom in - now tap on the start point of the pattern until
it's zoomed in as far as possible. Zoom on.
Can you see the little jagged line at the start? This appears as a
hesitation when this pattern stitches out. Run your stylus along the
line from the start point to the second corner. The target should
be at the second angle.
split - delete pattern. Touch the short piece of pattern - continue - yes.
modify pattern - touch the pattern - continue.
zoom off - zoom full - grid off - snap off - zoom on.
move. now touch the start point of the pattern and move it so that
it snaps to one of the grid intersections.
stretch - touch the start point (that's the anchor point) - touch the
end point and move it until it snaps to a grid intersection along the
same horizontal line as the start point. finished.
save quilt/pattern.
save a pattern from the quilt.
Touch the pattern - continue.
Name this pattern m2 clean - enter
choose a place to save it.

Ta da! You're done! I have stitched this meander out lots of times
as an edge to edge but didn't notice that hesitation until I was
sewing it out yesterday. You can now delete the orignal m2 if you wish.

If you've never cleaned up patterns this way, now you know how to do it. You'll often get little jagged lines like this at the start or
end of a recorded pattern. you don't notice the tiny movements when you are recording , but IQ will replicate every single movement you make so when you watch one of your on recordings stitch out, zoom right into the places where it seems to hesitate and I'll bet you see tiny zig-zags.