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SuperMotor Drive Motor Test

This procedure does not necessarily solve the problems with the drive motor. Its purpose is to give information to Support to help the resolution of the problem. You can enter the answers/findings below and submit them at the bottom of the page.

The procedure requires Version 10.10.17 or later. If you have an earlier version in your tablet, please update from Software Updates.

Before starting the test, restart the system.


Go to Main Menu > Utilities > Configuration > Motor Control Setup/Test.
Start the Auto Setup of the motor that is malfunctioning.

  • At one point during the setup does the machine start moving about forward and back in the given direction?


Go to Main Menu > Pattern Designer > Record Pattern. Touch [Start] and move the machine in circles.

  • Is the image following the movements?


Go to Main Menu > Utilities > Clean Rollers.

  • Is the drive roller on the tested motor rolling?
  • Can you stop the roller by pinching it with your fingers?
  • Can you cause intermittent starts/stops when gently jogging left/right the white connector at the end of the motor?

Please submit the test results