Smooth - To The Extreme

IQ Booster #7

This is just complete silliness using 'smooth'. Sooth is a very useful tool but in this booster, you'll see we get carried away. As always I list the buttons you need to touch.

design/sew quilt
start new
block pattern
enter rectangle manually
width 10", height 10" - continue
select 'patterns by Helen', then touch next until you find
'strawberry' (if you've re-organized your patterns use search to find
this one - or you can choose any pattern you fancy)
smooth pattern

Do what it says (Here's a little explanation in case you haven't use smooth before. The image shows a green line on top of the original red pattern. If you zoom in, you'll see the green line shows how the pattern will be smoothed. You can change the % of smoothing. This is something you may want to play with later. The sharp point threshold can be changed too and this will help keep sharp points. For this booster, we're not going to change anything.) Notice the message says "drag the start/end points on the screen' - we're not going to do that. You can move those when you want to smooth only a small section of the pattern. We're going to smooth the whole pattern to the extreme. Touch smooth. Notice how the pattern has changed, has become smoother. Now the green line again shows you how the newly smoothed pattern will be smoothed by another 5%. Keep touching smooth - tap. tap, tap - keep going. Eventually the pattern will become unrecognizable, but perhaps you like the abstract pattern you've created - save it if you like it.Can you guess what will happen if you keep smoothing? What will you get in the end? If you want to speed up the process - change smooth to 50%.

Have fun!