Spiral Echo

Booster - Spiral Echo

By: Shirley Higginbotham

Ready to set up your pattern (appliqué, etc.) as the center pattern:

Design/Sew Quilt > Start New> Block Pattern
Enter Rectangle Manually
Width > 12 Enter> 12 Enter> Continue (makes a 12" square block) > Finished
Select a pattern (I used cloud from geometric catalog, copied it, Flipped Y, combined the two pieces into one pattern)
Scale (touch and drag the design on the screen to less than half the size of the block)

Ready for the echo:

Add Pattern> Echo Pattern
Touch the pattern you placed in the block to select it > Continue
Gap (change to .25 using the keypad)
Repeats (change to 24 or number needed to fill the block) >Finished
Transition (use the + key to toggle until the Transition: None becomes Transition: Spiral > Finished > Finished

Ready to add the clipping block:

Add/Edit Block> Add Block> Clipping Block
Select All (choose the patterns that will be clipped at the edge of the block) > Continue
Select Existing Block
Touch one of the points of the block> Continue> Finished
Transition Type: Continuous or Jump Stitch or Tie-Off> Accept> Yes> Finished

Test Sew your block:

If you chose Transition Type: Continuous your work is finished.

If you chose Transition Type: Jump Stitch, you will have cleanup work after the stitch out.

If you chose Transition Type: Tie-Off, you will have work to do 22 times at each corner of the block unless you do some editing and combining before you sew. I prefer to delete the jump stitches and combine the pattern to stitch the complete spiral then stitch each corner with a continuous sew line along the block edge.

Watch for a video on spiral echo.