Stitch in the Ditch (SID)



SID is easily accomplished with IQ. Use Line Pattern to show IQ where the seam is, and let IQ do the rest. The beauty of doing SID with the computer guidance is that your hands are free to manipulate the fabric if required, to aid accuracy.

Setting up SID

To have IQ stitch in the ditch (SID):

  1. Design/Sew Quilt > New Quilt > Line Pattern

  2. At this point, IQ will take you into the Line Pattern screen and ask you to move the needle along the stitching path, sampling points as you go. To sample points, simply touch OK and IQ will place a point wherever your needle is.

  3. IQ will default the line pattern to be a straight line, so just move the needle along the seam and sample points every few inches, or more if the seam isn't very straight. Make sure you take into account any angles or curves in the seams by adding more points. Think of a connect-the-dots diagram when you're doing this. The more dots you have, the more accurate IQ will be - but there is a point of diminishing returns, so don't go nuts sampling points unless you need to.


Turn the power off to the machine and manually crank the needle down so it's just barely skimming the fabric. This way you can get a good accurate reading on where IQ will be stitching and you can give it good input. Garbage in garbage out.

Set the speed slow on the IQ so that you have time to manipulate fabric if required and so that momentum doesn't overcome accuracy. I typically set IQ's speed to about 0.6, others go even lower. Play with your machine and find a good speed that works for you.

Videos for FurtherStudy