Touch Screen Calibration

If your IQ touch screen is misbehaving (i.e., not responding when touched), before calling your dealer, try the following:

  1. Find a USB mouse (any mouse with a USB plug will do) and plug it into a USB port on your IQ tablet.
  2. A pointer hand will show up on the screen. You should be able to move this around with the mouse and click buttons on the screen just like you were tapping them with the tablet's stylus.
  3. If that is successful, next get the stylus and tap the screen directly on the pointer hand. If the pointer jumps to a different location when touched, you MIGHT need to re-calibrate your screen. Call your dealer. If the pointer doesn't move, try dragging it around with the stylus. Moisture may have gotten into the screen and baking it should do the trick to dry it out (baking involves leaving it plugged in and on for a few hours).
  4. If you can't drag the pointer around with the stylus, or if the tablet doesn't respond to mouse clicks on buttons, call your dealer. You may need to have repairs made to the tablet at TabletKiosk. In some cases, the screen may not have been packed properly in the frame of the tablet at the factory. If the tablet has been dropped or the screen damaged in any way, the entire touch mechanism may need to be replaced.