Transitions are what IQ uses to determine how to move from one end point to the next start point within a pattern. IQ will ask the user, at the end of each design set-up, how to transition from one point to the next. There are three basic transition types: continuous stitching, jump stitches, or tie-off the threads. To switch between transition types, use the +/- buttons at the top of the screen.

It is important to note that these are not the same transitions as those required by the Sew Quilt screen. The types are the same, but the usage is different. The confirmation screens displayed at the end of a design session are to define how IQ is to transition within a design element (such as a background fill interrupted by a no-sew zone). The "how to connect patterns" screen given at the Sew Quilt phase is to define how IQ is to transition from one design element to another, if the user selects more than one element to stitch at a time.

Transition Type: Continuous

Continuous will stitch a continuous line between pattern elements, displayed as a red line on the screen. IQ will add jumpstitches automatically if the connecting line would cut into the pattern, such as across corners.

Transition Type: Jump Stitch

Jump stitch will drag thread to get from an end point to the next start point. The length of the shortest jump stitch is determined by the threshold setting. Touch the Threshold button to change the setting. Jump stitches are green on the screen.

For example, a background fill with a no-sew zone will need to transition from one side of the no-sew zone to the other. Jump stitches will drag thread across the no-sew zone every time IQ encounters the no-sew zone boundary. To reduce the number of jump stitches, increase the threshold. IQ will continuously stitch any breaks in the pattern that are less than the threshold.

Transition Type: Tie-Off

Tie-Off will direct IQ to stop at each end and start point so that the user can pull up the bobbin thread and tie off. The distance between tie-off points is displayed in blue on the screen.