Using Fan Pattern To Create Rays

IQ Booster #6

This one walks you through using fan pattern for rays around a no-sew zone. I just choose a block for a no-sew zone to minimize the steps, but you can add a pattern, create pattern contour then continue with no-sew zone. On a real quilt you may be tracing around a motif to create the no-sew zone. As always I simply list the buttons you need to touch, using your tablet off the machine in demo mode. Additional comments will be in brackets.

design/sew quilt
start new
Block Pattern
enter rectangle manually
width 10" - height 10" - continue
select geometric catalog - select 'line' - continue
add pattern
fan pattern
follow the instructions, selecting the line as the pattern you want to use - continue
the angle is 5 and there are 10 repeats - change repeats to 72 (use
the keypad under the image)

(Now this where you can play if you want before continuing with my directions. Change the angle for fewer rays - use the + and -
buttons under the image. Note that for some angles you'll see fewer rays but there are still 72 repeats - that's because some of the lines are right on top of each other. You can see that there are some interesting effects with irregularly spaced rays. When you've
finished playing continue with the instructions below)

angle - 20 repeats - 18 finished
add/edit block
modify block
select the block - continue
move the block so that its center point is over the center point of
the pattern - finished
add block
no-sew zone
do what it says (touch the fan pattern as the pattern to be affected) - continue
If you have blocks in your block catalog, select the option to Load From Block Catalog and choose one.
If you don't have blocks in the block catalog, select enter rectangle manually
width 6" - height 6" - continue
accept (transition type-continuous) - yes
add block
clipping block
do what it says (again select the fan pattern as the pattern to be affected) - continue
do what it said (this time do Select Existing Block as your method for defining the clipping block, and choose the original 10x10 square)
accept (transition type continuous) - yes

Now you can play more and follow the steps but choose 'arc' instead of line for the rays, how about trying arc-2? Or angle?