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Financing Available

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As a result of our continuing development the design of the IQ motor units has been improved considerably. New systems are shipped with SuperMotors that are more powerful, more accurate, have 25% smaller footprint and engage/disengage faster.

If you have the original motors and want to take advantage of the improved design, now you have two options (if you are not sure whether you have the original or SuperMotors, scroll down to see their pictures):

- You can order SuperMotors for $1,600. If you return the old motors, you get $1,000 credit for them, making the total cost $600 plus shipping.
SuperMotor-V3 Installation Instructions

- You can send in your old motors for a tune-up. We will update the units with the latest lift mechanism and high-accuracy sensor wheels, keeping the other original parts. The cost of this service is $200 plus shipping. The turnaround time is 3 to 7 days. We recommend scheduling your tune-up to minimize the downtime. Please indicate the required tune-up date below.
Refurbished Motor Reinstallation Instructions

After we receive this order form, we send you an invoice for the SM swap or the tune-up. We should receive the payment before sending the SMs or accept the old motors for tune-up.

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