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IntelliQuilter Expands into New Innovation Center at Emergent Campus in Florence, Colorado

Florence, Colorado – 1/26/2024
IntelliQuilter, a leading innovator in the long-arm quilting industry, today announced its relocation to a new, larger office space at the award-winning Emergent Campus in Florence, Colorado. This strategic move is driven by the need to accommodate an increase in capacity and expand its range of services.

Founded by Zoltan Kasa, the inventor behind the revolutionary IntelliQuilter, IntelliStitch, and EdgeRider Wheels, the company has become a trusted leader in the quilting industry over the last decade. IntelliQuilter products have transformed long-arm quilting, driving essential ROI for businesses and introducing unparalleled precision and efficiency to the craft.

I have had the Intelliquilter system for 15 years. In that time, I've quilted over 4,500 quilts, with the IQ system working flawlessly. Before I added the IQ system, I did all my quilts hand-guided... I would have quit longarm quilting years ago if I had to do them all that way- it's very physically demanding. So happy I added the IQ to my machine in 2009... I love everything about it.

In line with this expansion, Barna Kasa, the son of Zoltan Kasa, is set to take on a more significant role in the company. Barna will oversee management, marketing, and other key aspects of the business. A successful serial entrepreneur, Barna's demonstrated, innovative leadership will bring IntelliQuilter into its next phase of growth and modernization. "Barna brings a dynamic blend of respect for our company's heritage and a vision for its future. His involvement in production and marketing will be instrumental in navigating the company through this exciting period of growth," said a spokesperson for IntelliQuilter.

IntelliQuilter's move to the 75,000 square foot Emergent Campus facility is more than just a change of location; it represents the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the quilting industry. The new space will not only provide necessary resources but also serves as a hub for innovation and collaboration.

As IntelliQuilter embarks on this new chapter, it continues to uphold its mission of providing high-quality, innovative solutions to quilters around the world. With its new base at Emergent Campus, the company is well-positioned to explore new horizons and continue its legacy of excellence in the quilting industry.

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About IntelliQuilter

IntelliQuilter, IntelliStitch, and EdgeRider Wheels, all creations of Zoltan Kasa, have consistently led the industry in innovation and quality. Zoltan, the founder and chief engineer, has been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing his significant contributions to the advancement of the quilting industry. With a global distribution network successfully shipping thousands of systems, and an impressive 95% customer satisfaction rating, these products have made a remarkable impact. They enable users to quilt more efficiently and rapidly than traditional hand quilting, thus enhancing the profitability of their businesses. Additionally, they offer the dual benefits of reducing physical strain and maintaining creative freedom for quilters worldwide.

About Emergent Campus

Partnering with Fremont Economic Development Corporation (FEDC), in Fremont County, Colorado, the Emergent Campus invests in rural prosperity by bringing high tech jobs to rural Colorado and providing space for innovative sector workers, remote tech workers, and other entrepreneurs. Since Emergent Campus moved into the historic Florence High School in 2019, it has transformed the space to into co-working and business offices to provide an attractive solution for tech companies looking to extend their workforce, engage in active business development, and participate in a growing startup ecosystem. The space is responsible for 80+ new tech-based jobs in Fremont County and creates over $13 million in overall economic impact annually, all while maintaining the historic integrity of Florence High School. In cooperation with FEDC, hundreds of innovation sector jobs have been brought to the area, along with countless grants and awards which are helping to drive positive change and velocity in the regions rural economy. Emergent Campus is part of Colorado State’s second tech sector partnership, the South Central Tech Sector.

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